Provincial Food and Drug Safety Committee held its third meeting in Xining Wang Xiao attended and d

February 3rd, the provincial government food and Drug Safety Committee held third meetings, learning to convey the spirit of the State Council related meetings, listen to the last year the province’s food and drug safety and evaluation, to study the deployment task this year and signed letters of responsibility. Provincial Standing Committee, vice governor Wang Xiao attended and spoke.


meeting held last year, under the leadership of the provincial government, the provincial food and Drug Safety Commission internal operation more smoothly, the members of the unit more consistent understanding and action linkage governance more effective, hold the non occurrence of major food and drug safety problems of the bottom line.

the meeting pointed out that the provincial food and drug safety situation is still grim, risks still exist, regulatory capacity is still insufficient, the special period in "multiple period" and "weak supervision overlay. All regions and relevant departments should further enhance the sense of urgency to ensure the safety of the people’s diet.

meeting requirements, to deepen the reform of the regulatory system, the reform of the bonus into regulatory effectiveness. To enhance the system supply capacity, improve the level of supervision under the rule of law. To increase the intensity of supervision and accountability, the implementation of the most stringent regulation, the most severe punishment, the most serious accountability. To improve the efficiency of governance, efforts to improve the comprehensive coordination and centralized supervision of the combination of work and organizational system. To build a common pattern of social governance, the formation of the whole society to support, participate in and share food and drug safety situation.

meeting stressed the need to resolutely in accordance with the deployment of the provincial government and the provincial food and drug safety committee to do a good job in the Spring Festival and the two sessions during the food and drug safety.


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