Xining police deployed to do the work of the college entrance examination security

Qinghai news network to ensure that this year the city of Xining college entrance examination of the safe and orderly, recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held the city’s college entrance security work conference, the arrangements for the deployment of security work.

Xining city public security organs at all levels during the examination period, construction site safety inspection and examination of the surrounding, prohibited construction during the examination work; deployed police cordon set up in the examination room periphery, maintain public order and traffic order; prohibited vehicles stay in locations around the ring, and strengthen security patrols to prevent accidents; the establishment of security room in the entrance examination, students and people responsible for receiving help and alarm, of all kinds of cases occurred in the scene promptly accepted, to quickly make a fair treatment; take the initiative to contact with the county education department, in advance on the test sites to carry out safety inspection, eliminate hidden dangers; in advance of the video surveillance equipment maintenance and entrance examination the surrounding districts and counties; do the college entrance examination papers escort, storage process security. (author: he arrow Li Hongxia)


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