Excellent exhibition of painting and calligraphy exhibition

4 20, third "Jiang Yuan Cup" national painting and calligraphy competition for the lake race and the fourth race around the lake "river source Cup" national painting and calligraphy contest launch ceremony held in the city, which also marks the following the National League after a large power, and activities of fifteenth Lake race is open. Zhang Ning, director of the Provincial Sports Bureau announced the fourth "river source Cup" national painting competition around the race start.

reporter learned that the third Lake Race national painting and calligraphy competition since its inception, has received a total of 3647 works from home and abroad more than 3000 artists, painting and calligraphy lovers, the number of participants and the number of submissions is higher than in previous years. Finally, the organizing committee selected the 2 gold medals, 6 silver medals, 10 bronze, excellence award 50, award 52, award winning works has been published.

at the same time, the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, the Organizing Committee Propaganda Department of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, Qinghai province culture and News Publishing Bureau and the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, Lake Race national painting and calligraphy competition organized by the organizing committee, the host guest Gansu Provincial Sports Bureau, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, Qinghai river source National Academy of painting and calligraphy contractors, people.com.cn painting and Calligraphy Institute Qinghai Province, sports management center, Qinghai blue Ya culture media development company limited to "Qinghai poetry painting painting said: the gift of fifteenth Lake Race" as the theme of the "River Lake Race Cup" National Painting and Calligraphy Competition outstanding works exhibition "opening.


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