Annual income of over one hundred thousand of the clothing store business philosophy is not difficul

as the saying goes, people rely on clothes, people in modern society for its external image of the increasingly high demand, so for the quality of clothing and demand also changed, want to succeed in the talent shows itself numerous clothing store, need to have some aces.

some terminal operators and not by what degree, is industrious, hard work and perseverance, depends on the number of soil solution, can also store operations into many stores, the completion of the annual purchase amount over one million yuan to the performance.

"means " that the dealer for many years to do and get some shop experience, his opponent successfully create something into their own way, there are some new methods to absorption and stimulation, these are indigenous methods. These are the "indigenous methods, " many dealers to store very well, and succeeded in winning a local district.

A, goods must be sufficient: supply reasonably, with years of experience, the clothing store business philosophy for the fashion trends and the goods are used to the local investigation, the competitor’s product portfolio, targeted, cut the local market. The fashion of goods, take the amount of money, the proportion of the proportion of popular control in a reasonable proportion. At the same time in the store planning for district level and different location, a shop for a double room of the image of the store, two stores for single bay and take the amount of stores, three stores…… Convenient customer choice.

two, guide team with passion: do not put private emotion into the shop, consumer psychology is: where I can consume, you here does not satisfy me, I can also try other local consumption. Therefore, employees in the sales process, do not put their bad mood to the customer, or the transaction rate will be greatly reduced, the customer will turn to competitors. What if the employee can leave the shop, in distress, does not affect the consumer with the boss, so that it will be to the satisfaction of all, personal problems will be solved in the boss’s support.

three, the sales process must have high sense of service: when dealing with complaints, we must respect our customers, clothing store business philosophy to a happy atmosphere with customers into the store, heard the sound of a title, his anger will disappear in half, then pour a cup of water, take him to where the sales relatively quiet place, a good explanation, then let his complaint to take practical action to transfer, impress customers with real Thanksgiving action, so that we can effectively solve some problems in the process of sales, of course, the fundamental unreasonable too unruly customers can convince " to gradually resolve the two sides; the misunderstanding.

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