Xining education to implement the six major projects

recently, the city Department of education to develop the "Three Basics" action points "construction in 2015, through the implementation of the basic construction of" six major projects ", comprehensively promote the Xining education system" construction results.

is the implementation of the basic team building project. The sound school grassroots party organizations, selected with the strong grass-roots party organizations and cadres; the establishment of Party members of the entire documentary system; perfect effective party ties with the masses of Party members to carry out network; model, vanguard party post selected tree activities and "double", "double" cadre selection activities. Two is to implement the basic position construction project. The establishment of Party activities room, Party members training classroom, the party building thematic bookstore, Party building record room, the construction of the party history theme education corridor, the creation of the party building special web page, campus newspapers. Three is the implementation of the basic system construction project. To revise the system of the party, organization, cadre, discipline, supervision, assessment, democracy, election and party affairs, etc., to ensure the standardization and scientific nature of the system, and to make all kinds of actions under the system. Four is the implementation of the basic activities of construction projects. Carry out "to enhance the quality, consolidating and promoting the development of the big discussion, schools" moral education "survey; campus network set up the" red · Forum; open online courses "column, the school set up the" post – teacher Xingtan volunteer service practice activities. Five is the implementation of the basic ability to enhance the project. Carry out the "reading history, belief" reading comprehension activities; carry out the "pioneer era shifangang" create activities; to carry out "fulfill responsibilities and keep standard, clear bottom line" practice activities; implementation of the plan tree research project leader. Six is the implementation of basic security construction projects.


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