Xining police the successful completion of the task to withdraw a tearful farewell to the local peop

7 month 29 days, to complete the stability work of disaster in Sichuan successfully completed the task of Xining police from Deyang Luoshui town of Shifang City, the town of monk Jiandi farm withdrawal. The withdrawal of the SWAT team, nearly 10000 people of Xining special police mission area is still home in Luoshui Town, spontaneous, arranged in ten lines, a tearful farewell to the police of Xining.

yesterday, the town government held a brief but warm farewell ceremony in the government gate of Xining police for the reconstruction of disaster areas and make contribution to thank you. Local people spontaneously organized drum team, welcome team, carrying the name of the causeway, before the Chinese Lunar New Year Dragon, in Luoshui Town Street, is still in the field of roadside a tearful farewell to the police of Xining. About Xining SWAT will quietly leave, 3 Xining police temporary classroom students, 5 in the morning came to the station waiting for school. Welcome the masses of the Xining police leave their expression to Xining police reluctant to part, gratitude in their own way, hard to swat hands into his boiled egg, put a tomato into SWAT pocket, children holding actionman crying, they put a bright red scarf to the SWAT team on the neck, to the police the team hung on the flower.

SWAT team members were deeply moved by the local people usually strong and brave profound sentiments of friendship, the boys all the tears, in fact, in the two months of the disaster, they have been at work for local people and forged a profound friendship. Departure, SWAT team members of the crowd because of the crowded and slowly marched, the children shouted: SWAT uncle hard!" The people of the invitation: "when we build a good home, you must come and see!" Usually work together in the local police is to embrace the SWAT team members, allowing tears in each other’s face down……


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