Huangshuihe another big pollution control project construction

November 12th, a sewage treatment and ecological restoration of the combination of the Huimin project – Xining Ning Lake wetland sewage treatment project started construction. Through the implementation of the project, the landscape of wetland ecosystem in our city is committed to creating a place with water purification and biodiversity functions in Nanjing Lake wetland, so as to beautify the environment, climate regulation, water conservation, water purification, comprehensive benefits of leisure visitors etc..

Ning Lake wetland sewage treatment engineering depth, is one of the major projects along the airport expressway landscape comprehensive renovation project in our city, the city is also implemented in recent years and the Huangshui River pollution control project, project construction work has attracted much attention of leaders at all levels, but also carries the ardent expectations of the people of the city. The project covers an area of 12.6 hectares, the project budget of 38 million 890 thousand yuan, the main construction contents include: from Xining City, the first sewage treatment plant outlet to the main pipe laying wetland diversion pipeline 1500 meters, 850 meters of water pipe; the construction of 4.29 hectares of wetland, surface flow wetland is 4.72 hectares; management houses 285.39 square meters. Is the table and flow constructed wetland technology through the effluent of the first sewage treatment plant of Xining city with low operation cost of constructed wetland, deep purification of sewage treatment plant tail water, reduce water pollution, to achieve "IV" environmental quality standards for surface water quality standards, at the same time, after the treatment of wastewater will be back for the downstream water lake wetland landscape ning. The implementation of the project will improve the water environmental quality in Hexi Huang Ning play a positive role in promoting. Project plan ning Lake wetland sewage treatment depth to be completed next year, then, a beautiful picture of Ning Lake wetland will show a ripple, the bird crows, the general public can go there to watch play.


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