Love in the continuation of love endless

6 5 in the morning, the municipal civilization office, city traffic bureau, city cultural radio and Television Bureau, the city traffic police detachment and other four departments jointly organized the "loving care of the future" as the theme of love to send test campaign launching ceremony held in Xining.

to care for the future as the theme of large-scale public offering to send test activities, the annual college entrance examination is the most important public service activities. Since the campaign, the number of participants is increasing year by year, social influence is also rising, a love of candidates, civilization passed social atmosphere has been formed, in love to send test players is not only the flow of the city, became the best name card of Xining city traffic civilization. This year, there are 450 taxi to participate in the examination activities, will provide more convenient transportation services for the candidates.

to make the public welfare activities, and achieved good results, from the beginning of May 28th the love vehicle reservation publicity, taxi drivers to attend, yunguanchu, city traffic broadcast according to the needs of the candidates, arrange for booking car vehicle candidates, provide a point to point to, a service for the candidates to help the candidates exam smoothly. In addition to booking the candidates for the vehicle, the majority of candidates in the examination and examination of parents in the college entrance examination with a free ticket affixed with the love of the vehicle logo.

Deputy director of the Bai Haiqing

Department of transportation requirements sent to test the driver, the taxi industry to show new spirit to clean car capacity, good appearance, manners; to due diligence, performance pledges, pick a candidate, a dedication of love, the obligation to provide warm and thoughtful service for the candidates to follow; the traffic rules, Caution! Driving, maintain a moderate speed, to prevent overspeed and overload, ensure the safety of candidates, will be promptly sent to the test center, and provide assistance, and wishing candidates achieved excellent results in the entrance, I hope this love continue in the meet, endless love.




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