Maintain the health and safety of the masses

in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial government, in November 29th, led by vice governor Gao Hua Wei, housing construction, safety supervision, quality supervision, fire departments related personnel to the provincial people’s Hospital, the Fifth People’s Hospital of special safety inspection.

in the field of construction project overall relocation of the Fifth People’s Hospital, Gao Hua stressed that the construction units and related departments should earnestly draw lessons from the accident in Jiangxi Fengcheng power plant, replicability, pay close attention to safety management in winter construction, ensure the construction quality at the same time, a "red line" consciousness, always put people’s life safety in the first place, always the production safety work firmly in hand, at any time can not have the slightest slack. In the provincial people’s Hospital, Gao Hua fire control center, natural gas heating system, oxygen production workshop, etc.. He pointed out that the hospital crowded, fire safety is particularly important to effectively increase the intensity of training part-time firefighters, regularly organize fire drill, improve strain and self-help prevention ability; to strengthen production safety supervision responsibilities and implement preventive measures, and resolutely prevent production safety accidents.

Gao Hua, health care industry to seriously implement the wangguosheng secretary and governor Hao Peng instructions spirit, firmly establish the "hidden danger of accident is" concept, adhere to the strict, fine grasp, grasping the relentless efforts, key positions and key links of strict careful self-examination is prone to accidents, identify problems and timely rectification, earnestly safeguard the people’s health and life safety.


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