Xining women’s federation system to carry out the theme of emancipating the minds of the discussion

according to the Municipal Committee of the unified deployment and women’s Federation in the city women’s federation system to carry out "continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development" as the theme of a new round of emancipating the mind to discuss the activities of the specific arrangements, July 25th, Municipal Women’s Federation organized the City Women’s Federation cadres in Huangyuan county to carry out the "continue to emancipate the mind, to accelerate scientific development" theme practice. Zhou Chaojuan chaired by the vice president of the Municipal Women’s Federation, Huangyuan County Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Wang Lanzhou attended the event.


activities in the Municipal Women’s Federation President Li Li on the women’s federation system to carry out a new round emancipates the mind big discussion activities carried out mobilization, arrangement, and put forward three requirements: one is to further understand the importance and necessity of emancipating the mind big discussion activity; the two is to further deepen the understanding, grasp is open to further deepen the comprehensive to grasp the goals and tasks to carry out minds discuss events; three is the further innovation, the implementation of the outcome of emancipating the mind to promote their work. To promote the work of the women’s Federation of the city through the political identity, theoretical identity, emotional identity and practical identity.

exchange forum meeting, Municipal Women’s Federation, the county women’s Federation and the municipal authorities working committee on women has passion, combined with their actual work, how well the new period of women’s work, guide the broad masses of women to participate in the new rural construction, strengthening women’s self construction content of each airs his own views, speak freely. Everyone agrees that only continue to emancipate the mind, change ideas, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, innovation, solid work, in order to achieve as a new work in promoting the development of new progress, guide the masses of women, a new effective service women, there are new characteristics to create work, strengthen the development of a new the self construction, can play a role in promoting economic development and social progress to better perform their duties, and contribute.

activities, all cadres also visited the building in the city of Huangyuan County, Huangyuan County felt 30 years of reform and opening up, especially in the practice of emancipating the mind in recent years achievement, stimulate the majority of women cadres’ work enthusiasm and confidence, quickly set off a new upsurge in the city and system of emancipating the mind.


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