Xining police focus on strengthening the detection of theft cases in the residential areas at night

Qinghai news recently, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of Economic Development Zone, increase the focus on residential areas at night and internal theft and destruction of telecommunications facilities case detection efforts, for enterprises and the masses to recover economic losses of nearly thirty thousand yuan.

22:15 on March 21st Xu, Development Zone Branch of the security police brigade led the patrol officers to patrol Guoxin Aluminum Inc Road, found 3 men are pursuing two motorcycles, suspicious appearance and movements. When the police patrol ready to close the interrogation, the 3 men riding a motorcycle fled. The police after struggling to chase, arrested Wang Moumou, and seized 300 pounds of iron. Wang Moumou confessed together other two suspects Yin Moumou and Moumou to Zhongxing Chemical Factory dolomite warehouse, with wrench tools such as mechanical scraper vacuum filter removed, stolen after the factory ready to sell the facts of the crime. Yin Moumou and Moumou surrendered on second. 3 people confessed that since the end of last year, has been in the theft of parks and other areas 8 cases of crime, the value of 40000 yuan. Currently, 3 people have been under criminal detention.

March 23rd morning, Roca Bay police station received the relevant report, is alarming Huangli fun park of mobile communication base station system. The police are patrolling nearby and management personnel, two minutes communication base station found anti-theft door is damaged, there is room. The police broke into the house, put on the spot of crime officers 3. After the night of interrogation and evidence, the suspect Moumou and other 3 people, since March, since the theft of the base station room in the park, a total of 8 cases of crime facts. Currently, 3 people have been under criminal detention.

it is understood that the first quarter of this year, the Bureau police patrol at night, inventory and months of waiting, in business and residential areas, outside the walls of the site, uncovered 6 cases of theft. (author: Jia Zhongying)


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