Xining Railway Public Security Department of public security work significantly

Xining Police Department

Qinghai Tibet Railway Public Security Bureau in the "mainly, combining the principle of prevention, adhere to the" first priority security lines ", vigorously carry out the way the road legal education, to crack down on various criminal activities endanger the public security of railway lines, the security situation is significantly improved, to achieve the basic line order and stability orderly and controllable.

It is reported that

, Xining Railway Police Department developed a patrol mechanism, hidden investigation mechanism, source, bayonet control mechanism, protection propaganda and education mechanism of the acquisition of scrap metal site clean-up regulation mechanism, crisis case, event analysis mechanism, construction safety supervision mechanism, joint prevention and control mechanism as the main content of the "Xining Railway Public Security Department line of public security prevention and control mechanism and assessment methods", detailed rules for the implementation of the line regulation, clear job responsibilities, the line security responsibilities to the people. Combining with the development of the provincial Commission for the "road injury, the stone guard, disassemble and steal" special action, Xining railway police in the township (Village), the school actively promote the comprehensive management of "one vote veto" system, the implementation of the punishment responsibility system, improve the government at all levels, the school pays attention to the way maintenance work, strengthen the masses and students love protection consciousness. In May 3rd this year, Ledu station police station in the line to take decisive measures to prevent the occurrence of a major accident. 16:10 on June 25th, 87113 times a freight train by Haiyan station, police on duty found twenty-third cars have a pull, very dangerous, so they report to the public security department command center timely and quickly get in touch with the train station scheduling, take emergency measures, in Huang Cao Zhuang temporary parking, the a cleaning staff to pull off, to ensure traffic safety.

as of now, the Xining Railway Public Security Department in the case of a total of 22 cases of endangering traffic safety, compared with the same period last year fell by 45%. Among them, the stone hit the train occurred only 8, compared with the same period last year fell by 65%, effectively maintaining the safe and smooth transportation of the Qinghai Tibet railway.


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