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here Xiaobian will continue to provide you with a good idea to get rich quickly, let’s go and see!

exhibition designer

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potential index

the basic quality: first to have professional interior design related education, through professional training of qualified and hold the relevant qualification certificate, master the basic design booth layout, rack design ability. Second, familiar with the basic process of the exhibition, can independently complete the design, understand the basic design and construction methods. Finally, a deep understanding of the brand and customers, unique creative ability and team spirit.


development prospects: the steady development of national economy China will provide a stable foundation for the development of Chinese exhibition industry; China joined WTO will help improve the overall standard of China exhibition industry. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 World Expo will also need a large number of independent design and guide the construction of the exhibition design staff, this kind of opportunity to provide a broad stage for exhibition designers to show their talent.

designer customized ringing tone

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potential indexYoung people now call

assumes potential index:

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