Beijing Education Examination Yuan Exam enrollment has begun to expand the phone

annual exam enrollment is about to start in Beijing, this year, all candidates to participate in the Beijing test can be tied together with the phone, so you can help them find the password. Unlike in previous years, this year the new registration system "binding mobile phone link, candidates can retrieve the password at any time; in addition, this year the new system" sports scene examination options, the selected sports at the end of the registration shall not be modified.

at the time of registration, candidates must login Beijing education examination website "," open recruitment of senior middle schools in Beijing city online registration system "page, input the examinee registration number, login password input system; 3 is not correct when need to enter the verification code.

after a successful login, if the password is the initial password or has been reset by the date of birth, first entered the "change password" page password changes, otherwise the system will enter the "examinee registration notice" page. Beijing City, the twenty-fourth middle school dean Li Zimei introduced this year, candidates can bind the mobile phone to retrieve your password, forget your password "in the candidates a lot, only the school reset set for this year will be more convenient."

in addition, this year the new "sports senior high school entrance examination enrollment system on-site examination options, participate in sports field examination candidates from the" sports scene examination select project "," sports scene examination limited selection of project two in the selection of test items.

According to Li Zimei

, in school in the physical examination before, about the end of April in the form of statements to determine the physical examination content of children, this year in the registration system ahead of time, let the children have more time to prepare.

sports exam has become one of the important items in the exam, many children are actively preparing for the examination project, the children in the exam, we must check, do not enter the error message. Candidates have the qualifications must be filled in complete, accurate. After the registration, the school issued a registration confirmation. Candidates and parents should carefully check the confirmation of the information on the list, verify the accuracy of the confirmation of the signature on the list, and the actual situation does not conform to the timely contact with the school.

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