Beijing fruit drink shops investment requires time

Beijing is a fresh time so firmly grasp one of the strength of the brand! Beijing fruit time with many advantages in the beverage industry off the lead out, has become the industry leader, in the market prospects are very considerable, which lays a solid foundation for the success of franchisees.

Beijing time fresh investment requirements:

possess good moral character and integrity.

– Identification of fruit time business philosophy and corporate culture.

– love drinks industry, with a strong entrepreneurial passion.

– the enterprise personnel management experience good in related industries.

– according to the daily operation of the company’s institutional issues and dedicated management.

– owned and operated corresponding fundsfixed premises and personnel, etc..

now people for the special beverage products, are also very popular. Beijing fruit, with a high popularity in the market, choose to join the Beijing fruit time can create hot money for themselves, and the investment is not large. Beijing fruit time recruitment in the hot, choose fresh fruit, a huge space for development, easy start, get rich slowly


I do not know the above introduction, can bring some help to join fruit time drinks shop investors, if you still have what other aspects of the problem is the need to consult my door, please give us a message on our website below, see the message after the first time we will answer you.

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