What causes so popular have honey puffs

Changes in the demand for food and beverage

join a lot of people are chasing the high quality of consumption, in this trend, many food and beverage projects developed rapidly, such as dessert, bread, cakes are growing fast food. Advocating the concept of healthy living in Hong Kong and dessert with fresh fruit, mainly produced delicacy, gradually become a leader in the new dessert industry.

according to the honey puffs, because good dessert market, open dessert has become more popular in recent years in the entrepreneurs entrepreneurship. Among them, there is no lack of performing arts star. Jo Kuk and Joe opened a joint venture called "small sweet Valley" dessert shop in Hongkong; Moses Chan and his colleagues had called "sweet aunt" dessert, to sell tofu dessert and loved by customers; Wong Cho Lam also opened a company called "Xinyi" dessert, not only is the star. Taiwan and the mainland s star star Sheenah opened the "honey honey" is a dessert. Visible, the popularity of the dessert shop has been no less than other industries.

What is the reason

is so popular with honey puffs?

Chaoyang industry, catering


agencies through the investigation of 19 large and medium cities in the country found that: more than 80% of respondents are like dessert, of which 90% of people as a part of life as a dessert. With the gradual acceptance of the dessert, a huge market in front of us. Relative to the increasingly fierce competition in the ordinary food and beverage industry, the real estate is undoubtedly a real sunrise.

desserts are leading


According to

statistics, China dessert sales of 5 years grew 16 times, like coffee, dessert has music has become an indispensable important part in the life of men and women of fashion, but they require not only picky desserts taste good, unique high quality dessert they are buying, honey puffs just meet their requirements fashion, choice.

market exclusive talent shows itself,


Many brands of

honey puffs talent shows itself in the market in the dessert, because it not only has the right technology and unique taste, has a unique cartoon style, in the market to become an independent school, take the lead, for investors, investment income, honey puffs smaller faster, the operation is more simple, is an excellent choice for investment in food the


rich product line series

1. Eclair mousse Series 2 series 3 series of 4 fruit puff puff Ruko cheese cake series

5. ice cream puff Series 6 hand 7 fresh baked bread.

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