Start a fashion shop to change from the window design

believes that many people noticed the unlimited development potential of fashion industry, in fact, a small clothing store store is out of the ordinary as long as the fashion style can attract a lot of customers, and to create a different style, from the window design began to go wrong.

(1) bright background

simple propsSupport

color coordination

General requirements for light source

is subtle, gentle color, color is too bright, avoid using complex. As far as possible in the original basis reflecting the commodity, to give people a good impression.

modern window layout more emphasize the three-dimensional sense of space and space than lining. For example, due to the placement of clothing and clothing more concentrated in the middle and lower part of the window, the upper part of the space is often inadequate, then you can use the method of hanging ornaments to increase its sense of space.

The design style of


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