What details need to pay attention to open hot pot

now open a hot pot restaurant, you can choose a lot of investment projects. It is a choice or arbor investment projects, the franchisee also need to pay attention to using the right strategy to business. If you do not know how to open a hot pot store business, then it is a very dangerous thing, Xiaobian compiled a few business advice, I hope to help you.

To place

1, sent to service, courtesy of

good service can make customers comfortable, in the heart to leave a good impression, so that you can not". So in order to business boom burst, the store must keep up with the service. Do not have to ask the clerk as comprehensive as the hotel, but in the course of training must be polite, courteous and patient to the guests.

2, dish dish dish to eat clean, disinfection must be less

restaurants as a public eating place, we use the tableware, every guest of every hue, People are hurrying to and fro., each are not identical. This is the health of the people are most concerned about the problem, but also become one of the criteria for evaluation of a restaurant. In order to make the guests feel at ease, food dish dish must be clean, food to wash, dish bowl to disinfect.

3, store decoration should pay attention to separate rooms, compartment

store decoration is comfortable or not can affect the guests dining mood, so as to determine whether the guests often come to visit. The hot pot franchise restaurant as a suitable for the catering industry, not only to consider the table directly from the distance, but also should take into account the needs of customers in the independent space, many people need to eat a separate room. So the store must have room for more than dinner, it might be best to the hall is divided into a small compartment, this environment is not too crowded, but also pay more attention to the guests dining privacy.

open hot pot stores need to pay attention to bring good service to consumers, to consumers a good impression. For consumers, a small detail may affect their overall evaluation of the store. So join the business need to pay attention to some details, do a good job in investment management business.

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