Jiangsu Yancheng venture Star Contest Finals perfect ending

strong entrepreneurial atmosphere for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship has an important role in helping, so the local governments are actively creating all kinds of entrepreneurial competition, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs. Jiangsu venture Star Contest on the local entrepreneurial atmosphere will rise to a new height.

"entrepreneurial passion, dream of success" as the theme of the venture Star Contest started in June last year. For this major event, I carefully organize, based on full use of the web site, micro-blog, WeChat, mobile phone and other new media propaganda, in each county (city, district) set up 10 sub field at the same time, municipal departments and carry out foreign high-level talents, staff, students, home science and technology talent, youth network, women’s 6 games, collecting more than 10 thousand total entrepreneurial project participants.

"entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better in Yancheng, glad I chose the business in Yancheng!" Adhere to the general manager of industrial operation and multi platform racing together bridle to bridle the electricity supplier online and offline Yancheng City Bai Rui Sports Goods Co., Ltd. Zuo Hongliang said with emotion.

compared with previous years, the biggest highlight of this venture Star Contest Award is more affordable, the enthusiasm of high subsidies. The top 10 players will be commended by the municipal government for the ten annual "venture star", and rewards. Into the top 60, top 20, top 5 projects, divided into recommended

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