How to arrange health care franchise stores

health care Museum by everyone’s attention, if you want to open their own health care stores, then, how to layout the store? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, customer waiting area. In the beauty salon (near the Advisory desk) should be retained in the appropriate space to display the sofa, coffee table, ready to fashion magazines for everyone to read the reference, health care stores how to layout? At the same time playing music, so that customers in a relaxed, happy mood to spend the waiting time.

2, beauty zone. Beauty area should have a certain degree of privacy. Quiet environment, elegant, soft light, good thermal insulation. Health care franchise store layout? Upper and lower sewer. To have a beauty bed, Orsan steam instrument, washbasins, car beauty and storage cabinet etc..

3, employee lounge. It is necessary to set up an employee rest area. Health care franchise store layout? Staff can be in this change, storage of personal items, both to facilitate workers, but also to make the business district more standardized.

4, logistics area. Health care franchise store layout? Set up hot water boilers, clean and disinfect towels and other supplies.

health care store layout, small make up for us to do a detailed introduction, want to be good to open their own stores, then come to a good understanding of it! In order to better open shop easily, want to get a good benefit to understand the details of the consultation!

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