Digest inventory and make good use of customer’s warehouse

do retail business, the store is not large, the stock of space is not large, I would like to have more than some of the goods have no place to store. In fact, every loyal customer that actually has a warehouse, want to do a good job in retail business, nature also need to make good use of this inventory. In short, the digestion of inventory needs to use the customer’s warehouse.

as the saying goes, small but complete. No matter how big or small supermarket stores, must manage inventory, the inventory of goods classified, in place, to be aware of all kinds of inventory manager. In order to do inventory management, I established a detailed inventory ledger, inventory of goods inventory. Into the number of goods, how much sales, inventory how much, in my grasp.

goods should be how much inventory is good? This is determined according to their own store sales, not covet cheap, blindly increase the amount of purchase. Otherwise, not only will cause the backlog of inventory, but also affect the turnover of funds.

in April this year, the beer sales season has not yet arrived, I would like to inventory of 1000 boxes of a certain brand of beer. The wife doesn’t understand, complained: "this thing is not what a hot commodity, why do you suddenly into so much ah? The occupation of funds is a small matter, this small warehouse still keep other goods?"

"you don’t understand!" I explained to my wife, "to do business is to learn accounting. You see, now is the off-season sales, wholesalers engaged in the promotion, 1.8 yuan per box discount, which is equivalent to earn more than $1000 on the box of 1800 yuan! Although some of the funds, but still quite cost-effective."

"again cost-effective, but no place to store how to do ah?" His wife asked.

"ha ha, you don’t have to worry about this, my warehouse can be more!" I answered proudly.

"more?" His wife asked, "where is the warehouse?"

‘warehouse’ is in our customers!" I explained, we can put the beer to the old customer’s home, temporarily do not want money, and other consumer spending over settlement."

in this way, in less than a week, I sent 1000 boxes of beer more than half. Some customers sent home 20 boxes or boxes, most of the one to send a box of 50, and some customers at the time of the payment of the knot. Beer shelf life is 6 months, at the beginning of the August, my 1000 boxes of beer will be sold out, the payment is basically in place recycling.

some goods once to a certain time, the consumption will be a substantial increase in the nature of this type of commodity, you can take such inventory

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