Hainan implementation of the award on behalf of subsidies to support small and micro enterprises

in a public integrity business boom, Hainan will "Yijiangdaibu" reward incubation base, 1-5 million reward will be given to qualified enterprises, to business incubator enterprises in special funds to support.

from human resources and social security department was informed that the Hainan province will be through the Yijiangdaibu form of business incubators for reward, assessed as excellent and good, medium, qualified business incubator were rewarded 50 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan, 10 thousand yuan each, making industry incubation base Yijiangdaibu funds single up to more than 1 million yuan. Incubator has obtained similar entrepreneurial innovation platform for financial support is no longer participating.

it is understood that the business incubator at or above the county level recognized by human resources and social security and the financial sector, hatching success enterprises meet the following 4 conditions can be a reward for reporting: enterprise must have settled in the base for at least one year; the total number of employees to pay social security number 3; the annual turnover of not less than 300 thousand yuan; the business incubator after the number of employees and turnover should have a larger increase than before hatching, at present the enterprise operation stability.

human resources development bureau is responsible for the admissibility, evaluation, evaluation. The results of the evaluation are divided into five grades: excellent, good, medium, qualified and unqualified, and the evaluation is not more than 15% of the total number of enterprises in the enterprise, and the evaluation is not as good as that of the enterprises with a total of not more than 25%.

According to

reports, business incubators Yijiangdaibu funds disbursed to include business incubators for the actual reduction of business incubator rent, utilities, property management fees and other expenses subsidies; the basic equipment expenses of incubation base purchase funds give subsidies; personnel in accordance with the conditions of the incubation base can participate in free entrepreneurship training, entrepreneurship training subsidy standard is 1600 yuan / person (training subsidy standard according to the management of special funds for employment related policies); business incubator of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial guidance service fee; incubation base to carry out the policy propaganda funds; business incubators for basic repairs (no more than "Yijiangdaibu funds 20%).

Hainan province in this unique form of incentives to supplement the award, greatly enhance the total number of employees and turnover of entrepreneurial incubation base, to help more small and micro enterprises to achieve stable operation and development.

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