After 90 guy selling toys online annual income of nearly one million

90 is a group of today’s media and public attention frequently, they quite unique, and cannot fully and vividly describe them using simple words, so people try to use all kinds of labels to interpret their characteristics, "premature" and "non mainstream", "negative" and "faith" and "responsibility the lack of heart"…… Most of the negative information, then 90 is also more considered "more than beat" beat generation. But from the 20 year old little Feng body, we can see some of the negative characteristics of the negative cover up after 90: smart, independent, brave, confident, full of creativity.



Gender: male

History: 18 year old Wei water drop open shop, the highest month earns hundreds of thousands, currently set up the company brand, the objectives listed within ten years.

18 years old school open shop

and many other 90, small front for new things is very curious, so when online shopping gradually when known, he registered accounts on the Internet, moving from the open shop idea, but because the online real name registration requirements at least 18 years of age, was only 15 years old small front can only buy not sell, but he has not given up the idea of open a shop, shopping on the Internet at the same time, also left more than a few mind, learning how to do business is other sellers. Until 2008, a full 18 years old small Feng opened their own shop.

small front most began to sell some personal things, although just a high school student, but he usually love to see some business management books, know that Christmas is a good market opportunity, just through the family met a toy factory nearby, then began operating plush toys. Small front to sell a factory to order again, no cost, no inventory, just need time and labor costs. During that time, the small front during the day at night studying, store, diligent exploration, plus the time to do online toy business is still relatively small, direct contact with the factory also let the small front goods more price advantage, and soon earned the first pot of gold.

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