Nanjing 14 opinions to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation

mass innovation period, entrepreneurs need to have a series of policies to support entrepreneurship, various areas in order to further promote the people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, have increased the promotion of entrepreneurial environment and entrepreneurial policy construction.

in order to create public entrepreneurship, innovation and good market environment, recently, Nanjing city Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued "on the support of" public entrepreneurship, innovation "to promote the economic development of our city a number of opinions", the 14 views of the "big", encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment, to promote the development of innovation, to to guarantee the economic development of our city.

allow according to a multi site". Allow multiple enterprises to use the same address registered as their place of business, allowing larger business building office space is divided into several independent space, the space can be used as business premises registration.

open enterprise name library to society. Provide online search tools to facilitate the name of the company prior to the approval of the self inquiry, improve corporate name approval rate.

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