Lv Guirong’s way of doing business

is now doing business in all walks of life, in fact, are facing a very fierce competition, but if a store wants to survive for a long time, naturally has its way of business. Lv Guirong had come to Langfang shop, a total of only a few local tobacco shop. Today, the tobacco shop has more than 1 thousand, Guangxi tobacco has long rong.

"I sell, you may rest assured that"

look at the same price quality, the same quality of service." Lv Guirong said this is the smoke Hotel winning rules. Tobacco business is the most important old customer accumulation, and to retain customers, in addition to ensure the quality of service to do. Once, Lv Guirong met a special bargain customers, but the price of cigarettes is in strict accordance with the standards of tobacco companies pricing, so she can only patiently explain the situation, until the customer understanding.

Lv Guirong said, in this case, many shops will use high quality tobacco for the price of space, but her business principle is to ensure the quality, the price will not make concessions. This is also a way to promote the store brand, that is, in the minds of customers to form a consensus: the store is definitely value for money.

of course, this business philosophy also created an opportunity for her shop. This month she has just received a long-term supply of a single unit, about 5 to $60 thousand a month in operating income. The first reason is the unit of an employee is her old customers are from the procurement unit and her delivery, then once the employee from another shop, company executives found that the same brand of cigarettes, but the taste is not the same, to understand the situation, the relationship of cooperation in growth period the company and named her store node.

keeps the chain down

Lv Guirong intends to continue to keep the chain, this idea is not only to make the business bigger, but also the requirements of many old customers. These ten years, many old customers are accustomed to buy alcohol in her here, some came from far away. The chain can use a wide range of customers, and will expand the business of tobacco, but also to keep those geographically far between the old customers.

shop easy and easy, hard to say. But as long as adhering to certain ideas, the development of the business will have a very big help. Lv Guirong said that the shop and the same person, must have a heart to help others. In the street, see the child fell down, supporting a sword; in the bus, who is not convenient seat. Although it is a small thing, but what is starting from the little things, when the shop, really put the customer in mind, to bring happiness to others, to do every little thing, these will bring unexpected rewards.

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