Mid Autumn Festival has asked the university to help you learn to see you but people

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, are you ready to send gifts to the leaders? Moon cake! Will it be too old, do not send cigarettes? Health, perhaps even leading to family conflicts. What is the most appropriate? Mid autumn festival gifts knowledge, everyone wants to give gifts to the leadership and colleagues leave a good impression. The whole network of small to give you a reference case.

Kobayashi directly sent to the leadership of tens of thousands of dollars, did not expect a gift to house but was refused to leave a thousand miles, leading all too heavy impression. Xie really was, buy a few boxes of high-grade moon cake referred to the leadership of the house, the moon cake is accepted by. But to lead people to send moon cake is too much, leading home a mound of moon cake, moon cake box Xie sent have not been opened, end up as waste money! This is not discussed, also missed the event. A small or more devious, he first heard the leadership likes smoking, leading lady but strongly against smoking, in order to please the leadership, not to offend the leading lady, Zhang carefully chose a exquisite workmanship, beautiful style of the hundred years of Liu holder. Zhang carefully attached a paper in a gift box, the cigarette holder has a strong adsorption of many harmful substances in cigarette filter, pure natural tar and nicotine, paper and cigarette use with clear notes etc.. Finally wrote the leadership hard, take care of the body. Zhang’s wife and the leadership of the wife very well, Mr. Zhang also played with Mrs. diplomacy, let the lady with a hundred years to visit Liu holder. Fine hundred years Zhang Hai Liu cigarette holder conveys a matter of conscience, let the leaders arise spontaneously in his favour! Finally the position of director of natural to his head on


is as gifts, will send it directly affects the effect of gifts. A gift giver, know that the gift to cater to the taste of the other side, but also must be full of care and respect for each other. The recipient does not have care items or, on the contrary, both a concern and respect the gift is always the most touching. Gifts sent to health, gifts sent to one hundred years of Liu cigarette holder, the effect can have a world of difference. A flatterer, he is everything better than you know this a little bit more.

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