The family law 18 yuan to join the self help Boiled dumplings

previously said in the food and beverage market, only you can not think of the form of operation, there is no business can not do. Just say there are a lot of buffet to join, business forms, such as breakfast, Hot pot and so on, now want is the self-help dumplings to join the brand in the family’s 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings.

dumplings is a traditional food, holidays, we will always be together dumplings, enjoy the joy of food. In modern society, when we live in the city, living alone, want to eat a home with a taste of the food, select the characteristics of dumplings is very good. The family law 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings how to join


‘s home 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings how to join? What are the requirements?

‘s home 18 yuan self joining requirements:

Boiled dumplings

1, a natural person or legal person with full capacity for civil conduct;

2, the applicant for the natural needs of more than 18 years of age, high school education, physical health, entrepreneurial aspirations;

3, with certain business background and business experience;

4, familiar with the local market environment and consumer demand;

5, with a certain economic, investment strength. Home dumpling dumpling store

‘s home 18 yuan buffet Consulting:

Boiled dumplings

1, cooperative consultation: Family Law 18 yuan telephone, fax, self-help Boiled dumplings to join the online message to the home’s 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings headquarters Advisory cooperation matters, to obtain relevant data;

2, cooperative application: fill in the home’s 18 yuan self-service application cooperation Boiled dumplings, confirm home mother-in-law 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings join related matters;

3, visit: Home mother-in-law 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings fieldwork projects, and family law 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings join headquarters staff to communicate face to face.

4, signed a contract: the two sides confirmed the results of the investigation, through friendly consultations, signed a cooperation contract;

5, business confirmation: Home mother-in-law 18 yuan buffet Boiled dumplings partners according to the selected level of cooperation, to pay related costs, confirm the regional management right;

6, skill training: partners to accept the family law 18 yuan self-service technology, management, operation Boiled dumplings all aspects of training, assessment and acceptance;

7, store decoration: Home >

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