Snacks to join the store to pay attention to the choice of items

Volkswagen entrepreneurial boom, more and more young people began to join the entrepreneurial team, and many of the advantages of food and beverage silver itself has become the most popular industry projects. So for investors, do catering to join the project, how to choose a good project?

one, seek eye view "alliance". Snack was originally joined by the combination of technology and capital investors, to achieve the purpose of expanding the scale of operations, the occupation of the market. Today, the business has evolved into the pursuit of immediate interests, regardless of the capital operation of investors in the latter part of the game. One is the restaurant investors qihunanxia, "buying experience with broken halberds defeat," has become the most helpless self comforting investors. On the other hand there is reasonable, investors and encourage businesses to have speculative mentality of fickleness and capital desire, bored in the capital in the enclosure.

Whether it is

or food catering industry into the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, with the capital strength of the crazy expansion. In the "public entrepreneurship, innovation" environment, herd, also means quitting, speculation and impetuous is behind the lack of originality, and to do a good job of catering is still the artisan spirit and stick to not forget the early heart.

Two, all

. Snack industry is just need the industry, the threshold is low, high frequency of consumption, cash flow fast, become the first choice for all walks of life to seek transformation. So when all investors flocked to the snack industry, they are always with non service industry thinking, blindly pursue (short payback period), flat (simple), fast (effective faster), striving to shuaishouzhanggui.

had touched a lot of investors, the most talked about is not how to run a good snack franchise, but what products do? What product is easy to come? This reminds me of a lot of investors before asking Lang Xianping to buy what stocks will make a truth. Impetuous, speculation is the lack of industry of awe, but not do catering, only bad intentions and focus on market positioning, ingenuity mentality is still the only rule of good food, and blindly follow the trend and the pursuit of fast-paced, inevitable in the catering deep-water area planted with head.

maybe some investors believe that the snacks to join back trouble if you do not have to pay the tuition fees when the meal, and to say the catering investment is not a one-time investment, many investors, especially in a nice hobble back, related to the deepwater area catering investment, you need to pay a tuition fee is more than two

three. The world is a for profit, demand will have a market, especially when investors speculative mentality prevails, in the interest driven businesses smell sensitive part has been around catering to join start layout. Currently the market chain can be divided into five types:

one is catering enterprises and capital to bet. In order to recommend about

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