Henan 21 counties were designated as a national e commerce into rural comprehensive demonstration co

e-commerce in recent years, the degree of development is known to everyone, with the success of e-commerce in the city has made great achievements, and turned to the vast rural areas of china. In the development of e-commerce in rural areas, the 21 counties in Henan was designated as a national e-commerce into the rural comprehensive demonstration counties, which is a very significant achievement, is very worthy of recognition.

8 month 1 days, the reporter learned from the commerce department, following the 2014 was determined 7, was identified in 2015 8 National Demonstration County, the day before, our province, Huaxian, Zhecheng Province town, Huaiyang County, Lushan Mountain, 6 2016 is defined as a national e-commerce into the countryside comprehensive demonstration county. In just three years, the province’s national e-commerce into the rural demonstration counties reached 21, rural electricity providers have been rapid and healthy development.

according to the Department of Commerce responsible person, as of now, the central and provincial finance allocated to the two batch of 15 national demonstration counties (city) and 2 provincial Demonstration County demonstration county has 318 million yuan of funds, the cumulative expenditure 82 million 37 thousand and 900 yuan, accounting for 25.8% of total funds. The demonstration county (city) to actively cooperate with the work, the Ruzhou City fraternity County, the use of funds of more than 50%, Linying County, Fengqiu County, Tanghe County, Xin’an County Guangshan County, the use of funds of more than 40%.

it is understood that the demonstration county (city) in the electronic commerce business employment, rural logistics, agricultural product network marketing brand, development funds and other aspects of support. Guangshan County construction net goods product control center, unified design, development, quality control, supervision and operation of the network marketing products, currently has 500 variety of design clothing styles, the development of network marketing of agricultural and sideline products nearly 100.

business continues to develop, the majority of the township is not far behind, active under the leadership of the government, actively develop their own territory, give full play to their advantages, Henan electricity supplier team continued to grow. Guangshan electricity supplier team up to 5000 people, down clothing enterprises with e-commerce transformation of 1.2. In 2014 net sales down jacket, cotton about 10000000, an increase of 10 times in 2015, the network retail sales reached 500 million yuan, an increase of 150%, which is a part of Henan has achieved remarkable results.

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