Tianjin FTA test zone second stations overseas investment smoothly

Tianjin is in our country history, is one of the earliest contact with the outside world of the city, but also the reform development relatively early in a city, recently, Tianjin free trade zone is set up like a raging fire, will have a huge impact on the economy of Tianjin.

by the Municipal Commission of Commerce, foreign affairs, Binhai, Tianjin customs, Tianjin inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the people’s Bank branch in Tianjin City [micro-blog], the FTA test zone, free trade zone three area for members of the delegation, while in Japan, paid in China the Japanese embassy minister Liu Yajun China, consulate general consul general in Osaka Liu Yiren, visited JETRO, Sumitomo Mitsui bank, Mizuho bank, Hitachi Finance Corporation, Mitsui & Co., ROHTO Pharmaceutical Corporation and other Japanese famous enterprises and institutions, inspected the aeon City Airport South stores and other large commercial facilities. FTA test area three area also targeted visits to local enterprises, in-depth project docking.

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