Ningbo will be positioned as the entrepreneurial city

there are a lot of city in a more open attitude to the view of entrepreneurship, in the city of Ningbo recently proposed to continue to build the city of entrepreneurship, provide a good and harmonious business environment and entrepreneurial subsidies for the majority of entrepreneurs.

"opinions" put forward the goal in the near future, to 2016, county (city) district at least built a comprehensive public record space and a number of passenger service center. Long term target to 2020, built 100 can effectively meet the needs of public innovation and entrepreneurship, with a clear industry oriented and strong professional service capabilities of the public space and create customer service center. These public space, often set public office, conference room, activity area and accommodation area in one. Therefore, the opinions suggested the choice of convenient transportation, complete supporting the life of the old factory buildings, dormitories, SOHO space for transformation. For the municipal public space and create a customer service center, in accordance with the actual investment, the government will not be given to more than 2 million yuan and $200 thousand subsidy.

2020, as a long-term goal of "opinions" put forward the point of time, Ningbo will also absorb concentration 1000 (home) angel investment of natural persons, angel investment institutions and venture investment institutions, investment and financing channels more smoothly, technology finance closely, the financial service system of all-round and multi-level form; innovative registration hatch ten thousand effectively boost port economic circle construction Small and micro businesses, professional, meticulous development significantly, continue to lead the transformation of social economy development; training in 100 thousand college students after 90 entrepreneurs, business executives and entrepreneurs for scientific and technological personnel, entrepreneurs, students returning entrepreneurs as the representative of the New Fourth Army "to join the army in the city of innovation and entrepreneurship; innovation and entrepreneurship policy system more perfect, more perfect service system, cultural atmosphere Around the more thick, become more influential domestic entrepreneurial city".

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