The theme of how to design the western restaurant lighting

The rapid development of economy makes good

Chinese life, followed by consumers increasingly on dining environment, decoration, lighting, seating arrangements and so on are likely to affect the consumer’s dining mood. Rational design of light is very helpful for the future of Western restaurant.

decoration can make alliance theme restaurant more attractive, and to join the restaurant to attract more consumers Western-style food theme. To join the theme of the western restaurant to join the theme of the west to join their own requirements and join the theme of the restaurant’s own needs of the decoration, is to join the theme of the West Restaurant entrepreneurs can not be ignored. So, let’s join the theme of the western restaurant entrepreneurs to join the theme of the west restaurant in the decoration, the theme of the restaurant should be noted that the theme of the western restaurant, how to rationally design the light.

Lighting layout

lights must be adapted to the operating position, different catering enterprises with different lighting system. McDonald’s, KFC and other Western fast food in China as a casual dining, dining objects are mostly women, children, light source system with bright, active. Traditional coffee shop, western restaurant is the most exquisite place, the lighting system to calm, soft for the United states. Different countries have different style, British style classical American style, not sticking to formalities need lamplight to cooperate. According to the China traditional dining restaurant, psychology, lighting thermal atmosphere should be brilliantly illuminated.

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