The characteristics of small noodle shop domineering

our daily when dining out is always found, some shops indeed has the characteristics of products are very attractive, but to speak of interesting name actually more attractive. Always know the pathway of lobster barbecue is very famous, did not expect to go deeper even found a small restaurant unique. Don’t look at this little shop, shop name was quite domineering, called "Dangtu meat".

for the meat I have a certain understanding of Dangtu, Ma’anshan as a special snack has a certain reputation. But the "Dangtu meat" as the name in Hefei, also can not find the second. My impression of the meat is still stuck in the TV play. A tall Martha man, big meat, drinking bowl, so the meat can be called meat. I don’t know how big the meat is.

called the two bowls of Dangtu meat surface, looking to appear face so much meat. But the reality is always cruel, brought out the meat does not think big, too much weight is very full. A bowl of noodles with several pieces of meat, a bowl of ten yuan can have so much meat will also value. A buffet, placed in the hall, eat how much.

walked over to see are opened ten years old, suddenly out of the "Dangtu meat" is very eye-catching. The boss is a nearby woman, who is kind and friendly to us. The store is not a long time, the boss is very generous to take us to visit the kitchen. Find out when the kitchen and hall also separated by a small, put a small table.

many people for such a small room certainly do not understand, do not know if this can have a purpose, what kind of original, the boss took this as the office, when there were no visitors here to see the book, read the newspaper. Seemingly ordinary boss and so elegant, really could not help but make people sit up and take notice. When I went to the kitchen, I stole a glance at the cook, who turned out to be a handsome guy. We want to take some photos, the guy is very shy, had to give up.

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