School of chemical engineering held a forum to strengthen entrepreneurship education for College Stu

college students for innovation and entrepreneurship, plays an important role in the management of work, young talent is the China development in the future, therefore, chemical engineering students held a symposium on entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for students to learn more knowledge and ideas.

in order to understand the current situation of College Students’ pioneering work, summed up the promotion experience. In March 8th, the College of chemical engineering held a symposium on the work of College students. College students to participate in a number of representatives attended the forum. The Communist Youth League Secretary Fan Junfeng presided over the meeting.

has entrepreneurial classmates and entrepreneurial intentions, students take turns, expounded their entrepreneurial project ideas, project progress and current difficulties. The students discuss various types of business for each one airs his own views, project innovation and deficiencies, answer each other.

the entrepreneurship symposium, combing the college students’ pioneering work, which laid the foundation for the next step to strengthen the entrepreneurship education for college students.



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