What need to pay attention to open hot pot shop

hot pot rice vermicelli is a lot of friends favorite food, a lot of people found this delicious market, want to open a shop like this. So, open hot pot rice noodle shop, need to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

shop location. With a good taste, coupled with a good site, basically half the success. As for how to do their own site, analysis of store products, analysis of the main consumer groups are what people, middle aged, or young people, or a girl, or students, couples, or the proportion of workers in their respective numbers, the per capita consumption is how much money. Open hot pot rice noodle shop to pay attention to what? Find a few restaurants that are similar to the ones you want to run. What are the characteristics of good business, what is the characteristics of poor business.

half an hour before the passenger flow is the number of people, what is the flow of people in the afternoon at noon, what is the peak period of these shops sales, how many people spend. How much water is running. If these are finished, open the hot pot vermicelli shop to pay attention to what? You can own the characteristics of the project, for example, in what kind of location, how much of the store, according to the general analysis of traffic, you can know how much water is a day shop. But also specific analysis of specific circumstances.

shop pre simulation. Since the preliminary work has done a lot, according to their own budget, the cost of a possible decomposition, the number of links need to invest. For example, the rent, you can only invest 40 thousand, it is based on the budget of 40 thousand to find a house, open the hot pot vermicelli shop to pay attention to what? Because the preliminary investigation, probably also know what prices. For example, obviously less than 100 square meters of rent, can not be done in accordance with the plan of 100 square meters, dining area to account for much of the area, how many seats. How much is the number of staff wages in the store, how much food costs, breakeven point is how much.

popularity. After opening, the most popular. Open hot pot rice noodle shop to pay attention to what? After the investigation, the choice of shops when eating, first of all, not many people see, followed by the taste is a habit again. Are in the face of unfamiliar shops, people go to many places; are the same taste of the shop, where people go to eat; taste the same, the same popularity, people go cheap place. Let the customer sits near the roadside large window seat, said the scenery is good, in fact, they rely on people.

in actual combat, pull popularity way effective faster, the first half off months, second months and 100 months for 100 back to 100, third return 50 lunch or breakfast coupons. Open hot pot rice noodle shop to pay attention to what? This is a Chinese restaurant brand tactics. Three months later, as long as the people near the top of your mouth, have come to eat, if the product is perfect, enough to allow consumers to form a certain consumer habits for three months. Dinner will reflexively think of your shop recommended

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