Retail operators should have the ability to predict

how the market changes, what changes in people’s demand, the future market will be how to develop…… As a business operator, these problems naturally need to be concerned, however, many of the current retail operators are easy to ignore these, resulting in the store’s business situation is getting worse. In fact, if the retail business operators want their own hot, naturally also need to have a pre judgment ability.

with the development of society, the retail business as a service industry also has a new change. On the one hand, more and more people have squeezed through the retail business to retail clients, on the other hand, build up the family fortunes; disorderly competition between the new economic norm and retail operators, resulting in retail industry has become more and more difficult. It is because of the disorderly competition makes some industry survival worrying, many retail operators due to the lack of awareness of innovation, lack of correct anticipation ability, follow the prescribed order in the operation of conservative, blind expansion mode, the lack of effective management, resulting in poor management.

in recent years there have been retail stores across the country tide, is also common. This phenomenon should arouse the attention of retailers, should pay close attention to changes in business, retail to reflect on their own behavior, to constantly adjust the business strategy, to adapt to the new norm, adapt to the new changes, especially to do some pre judgment, thus doing business.

one, the right to own the ability to predict the right

as a retail household, in particular, is preparing to choose to engage in retail business prospective retail households, to have the right to predict their own operational capacity. Simply to say that they are not suitable for engaging in business, there is no interest and ability in this area, it is necessary to do a comprehensive analysis of the thinking, to do a comprehensive evaluation of their own. Do not want to be engaged in retail business, do not want to be engaged in retail business, there are still some lack of active learning, accumulation and improvement.

has the right anticipation to own management ability mainly includes the following several aspects:

one is to judge their ability to meet the requirements of the industry. For example in the retail business needs financial support, need good connections, need a warm and positive attitude and hard-working spirit, but also need to actively, ability of innovation and other aspects of the. Especially at this stage because of the increasingly fierce competition in the retail, a routineer, follow the prescribed order difficult to do business.

two is to judge whether their store is suitable for retail business analysis capabilities. Good store, the right place, the potential source of tourists is to ensure the basis and protection of retail operations. As a retail business at the beginning of the store must choose a good store, to have a good ability to predict the future, including those engaged in business projects, how innovative business models and methods

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