What are the fine cigarette sales tactics

any new products in the market after the birth of if you want to create higher sales, natural also needs to grasp the skills, this will make the sales of products is higher, to get real brand promotion. As a new type of cigarette products, cigarette sales in the last few years, the performance of the market is very eye-catching, in order to meet the needs of individual consumers, based on the diversification of the demand to lead a thin consumer boom.

recently, the market has a new fine cigarette, Shaowu cigarette retail customers have their own coup, the author from the southeast of Shaowu city commercial cigarette store learned that she is from poly "powder", experience, integral, serial tracking force, do fine cigarette brand sales.

poly "powder": the southeast city commercial cigarette shop through two platforms, one is through the "WeChat" platform, push the fine cigarette brand culture, price, packaging and other publicity campaign; two is through the "Shaowu Lily and" push the public number of fine cigarette series of promotional content. The two large platform does not regularly push the brand culture, play propaganda atmosphere, capture the fine cigarette "fans". Southeast Business City boss said: "at present, my WeChat friends a total of more than 1000 consumers, and there are more than 500 members of the lily, these are the fine cigarette of the potential customers".

experience: Southeast commercial city cigarette shop experience area always put on a book, an ashtray, a pack of cigarettes, the boss let consumers into the store to buy the boss after the experience, experience in the process of the target fine cigarettes to consumers. For a long time, through experiential marketing, the high rate of consumer purchase, the boss said: after the consumer experience mans smoke, sales increased by 20% over the same period last year".

points: the boss recommended after the success of the "Shaowu Lily tobacco" platform integration, consumers can reach a certain value to the store to exchange gifts. Tracking: Southeast Commercial City boss said, from the store to sell the fine cigarettes, the late return visit, to understand the situation of cigarette smoking for consumers, while laying the foundation for the next purchase.

a lot of new products have just come out, the sales of the product can not be satisfied, but if you take the right way to create high sales can also be very easy. It is reported that Shaowu southeast commercial city cigarette shop through poly powder, experience, points, tracking a few links, in July successfully recommended 76 fine cigarettes. Next, Shaowu branch of the commercial city of southeast fine cigarette tips are recommended to promote the exchange of mining, retail customers to cultivate fine cigarette cigarette sales potential, to achieve a new growth point.

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