Golden bright business business secret

even in the same street, there will be a number of retail stores, which is currently in the business market is a common thing. This does not, Xingqing District of Yinchuan City, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region gold shiny firm although located in the downtown section, but there are several shops nearby, the competition pressure is not small. Particularly opened a new medium-sized supermarket, caused no small impact to the bright gold firm.


recently, gold shiny firm operating performance instead of climbing. The firm has a unique skills of Huo boss sister: she can remember most of customer information including customer name, occupation, family situation and contact. Every time the customer into the store, she did not forget to chat with a few customers, in the process, she will put down the useful information. And so on after the customer to go to the notebook, the formation of a consumer information library.

if you want to know more detailed customer information, nature also need to communicate with customers, so as to be able to understand more detailed content. Every time back into the store, she always warm greeting, by the way to ask the customer work, family situation. It is the sister of careful service, so that customers feel respect, but also for her to retain more loyal customers.

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