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no doubt, whether the Internet or mobile Internet users with the same strain, the community has become one of the current situation and development trend. Relative to the mobile community, the Internet community users with mobile phone users, and the average age, income levels are higher. Xu Zheng on the China Electronics News reporter, said the development of the Internet community today has formed a huge scale, and the development of the community will inevitably produce mobile needs. So, the mobile Internet community is a big trend, users of the community cohesiveness and loyalty, with the help of portable mobile phone and timeliness, it is more convenient to return to the Internet community. There is no doubt that the community will promote the development of mobile Internet and mobile dating. The advantage of the mobile phone is timeliness and portability, can receive the information of friends at any time, can also be more easily linked to the list of friends. This can further enhance the degree of user contact close friends website.

on the other hand, the development of mobile phone community will also drive the development of the corresponding Internet community. The disadvantage of mobile phone friends is the security and privacy of mobile phone users can not be guaranteed. The object of acquaintance dating community is not too familiar with or have never met the man, published personal real information is difficult to guarantee not to be malicious use. At the same time, the phone number as the user’s key information will be recorded in the SP database. Due to the current situation of SP enterprises and the lack of mobile network security, the security of the user’s private information has a greater risk, once leaked, will seriously endanger the user’s personal privacy. So the combination of the Internet and mobile phones will be a development direction of mobile dating.

Xu Zheng told the China Electronics News reporter, mobile phone community and the Internet community will be an inevitable trend. At present, the mobile Internet has increasingly become the focus of concern, the Tencent by the Internet chat friends started the business have already opened second battlefield mobile phone chat with friends, to extend from the PC to the mobile phone. At the same time, due to the limitations of mobile phones, more and more mobile phone applications are also beginning to become more and more enterprises to join more PC and traditional Internet elements. Reporters landed many mobile communities found that many communities have achieved a mobile phone and mobile phone, mobile phone and computer, computer and computer synchronization between each other.


Information Technology Co., Ltd. MMIM PR director Yi of "China canal electronic newspaper" reporter said, do mobile phone friends born PICA have also been identified in mobile Internet, Internet penetration and fusion strategy. It is reported that when users send pictures, text updates PICA space via the phone, the blog space on the Internet will also be synchronized update. PICA space and all the pictures and text content will appear in the form of Flash in the Internet blog space. Suzhou peptalk Technology Co. Ltd. senior marketing specialist Luo Yuping told reporters "China electronic newspaper", the development of the Bedouin software has been able to use the advanced voice compression technology, let the.

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