From the network network and read music as a wine listed ecological life story

recently, along with the brewmaster network, 1919 the disclosure of earnings, speed, convenience and other network network wine three new board listing plan, the rapid advance and Ali, Jingdong and other comprehensive electricity supplier platform layout "global Wine direct mining, wine circle melee upgrade again, the two giants fight on and on one hand. At the same time, by relying on music as ecological network network strong blaze, market structure or face "the passing of night".

in the music as ecology aura, network network is facing challenge. The day before, the new board network network disclosure of public transfer instructions, wine net net loss amounted to 150 million yuan in 2014, 2015, caused controversy in the industry. These figures can really show its business to? In this regard, more than wine circle and financial media people on the network network status, from different angles, ecological models, profitability do in-depth analysis, general recognition of its potential for future development.

in fact, the electricity supplier giant Jingdong is an example. Even in the business for many years, the Jingdong is still a huge loss of 9 billion 400 million last year, but this does not affect the market innovation and forward-looking layout. The Internet has always been the survival of the strategic losses to seek rapid development. Obviously, the strategic value of the value of the loss and future business prospects, far more attention than earnings figures.

Behind the

figures: there is a loss of


will be a strategic loss? With the network network in recent years to take the "ecological subsidies" are not unrelated.

in the face of the user, network network in 919, double 11 fans Festival and other major festivals are united brands to carry out ecological subsidy activities. Especially in this year during the spring of rum, net wine network launched "Lee" charge back activities, and efforts to improve the standard of 1000 yuan to return now, Wine prices halved.

according to the ecological partner line, network network also dished out the "play negative charge back: the first single 50 thousand years, task 100 thousand, charge 10 thousand to send 10 thousand + 10%, the first single package; the first single in 1 million years, task 2 million, charge 80 thousand to send 80 thousand + 10%, the first single package…… Large scale ecological benefit to the audience boiling.

calm down to see, net wine Netcom over ecological subsidies in exchange for an increase in two key base: users and eco partners. Online users, a total of 3 days cumulative effective charge back for 6 hours, attracted a total of recharge orders, recharge the total amount exceeded by $40 million. The ecological partner line a total contract amount of 230 million yuan, a total of 828 new ecological partners; among them, the music life Museum line 132 new partners, signing 156 shop; Wine 435 new partners, the total contract exceeded 190 million yuan; the beer business partners to add 261 people, the total amount of 40 million yuan contract.

through ecological subsidies, to channel premium, brand premium, below the industry standard price to the user, the ecological partner to maximize the ecological value. And, through the ecological profit nurture, achieve long-term layout. Gain is lost, profit is long

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