Ali mother webmaster Heroes XiAn Railway Station live video

  in July 26th, Ali mother to Xi’an, hoping to give dear webmaster to create a learning and sharing opportunities, we communicate with each other, and common progress. Let us together in the ancient city of Xi’an – poly dragon fly!

    this activity will invite Alibaba group vice president Jiang Zhiqiang, Shaanxi provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department propaganda network management office director Liu Ruosong, director Rao Jianjun, western network editor Ming Guanglei City hotline laggards, refusing to swim fish, stationmaster net, Wang Long Liu Liang, good network Zhou Liang, Feng Bo, Hua Yu, sun travel network education network Xie Likang and many other guests arrived at the scene, and we discuss the survival and development of the internet!

    up to now, confirmed that the participants have exceeded 500 people, in order to allow more owners to understand the situation of the general assembly, we will live the whole conference,

  Ali mother webmaster Heroes (XiAn Railway Station) video and broadcast (26 PM 2 points to 6 points) (in order to provide a better video experience, this broadcast using P2P mode, please install the video card: SynaLiveSetup_IE.exe


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