Baidu WeChat public platform included in the next game

introduction: now Baidu can also search to the public platform of the article, is a very interesting thing.

recently involved in this book is very hot, the day I use this keyword in Baidu search, but found that the home page has an article from the WeChat public platform. Later, they began to search with other keywords, found that most of the keywords in the first three pages of Baidu can find the contents of the public platform.

is well known that the current content of the WeChat public platform released only two search portal, one is WeChat and Sogou joint WeChat search, and the other is the WeChat APP search. Today, Baidu can also search for the public platform of the article, is a very intriguing thing.

one by one analysis.

a, only Baidu in the search for public platform articles?

"" this instruction can be tested included major search engines of WeChat search with the public platform, the instruction in Baidu, will find that basically all the public number of articles published, a small amount of mixed public platform released documents.

but also use this instruction, search in Bing, 360 search, Youdao search, SOSO search engine, search out the South found the first ten pages are basically WeChat public platform released the document itself, basically can not find a public number of articles published in SOSO, found only occasionally interrupted by the public number of articles published.

that is to say, only Baidu in a large number of articles included in the public release, and its weight to a relatively heavy position.

two, Baidu on the public number of articles included features analysis

after careful comparison of a variety of methods, found that the current Baidu WeChat public numbers have the following characteristics:

1, the weight of the mobile terminal is higher than the PC side. The same keywords, the same public number released the same article, the mobile end of the rankings tend to rely on the front end of the PC.

2, no system, no rules. Unlike the Sogou WeChat search included on the contents of the public number basically exhaustive. At present, Baidu to the public number of articles included showed no obvious regularity. Some public numbers most articles are included, some public numbers included only a small number of 1, the 2, there are more public numbers are not included. Overall, not seen behind the law, the system is not enough.

we all know, WeChat public platform is relatively a relatively closed platform. On the API interface, WeChat has been an open route, but in the content of the opening has been very cautious. So far, in addition to the built-in search function of APP, and Sogou jointly launched a WeChat search, has not seen the cooperation with other search engines.

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