Noise reduction for social marketing Reflections on QQ public numbers

introduction: social media began to be playing bad, gradually, it will evolve into naked advertising and PR channel. Micro-blog, WeChat, QQ space, there has been the so-called success stories show, as soon as the upcoming QQ public number, marketing will be broken?

a few weeks ago, I received a QQ subscription number of beta invitation has been assigned to the QQ platform (subscription number is not called public platform). The feedback from the surrounding friends, we still attach great importance to the QQ subscription platform, is very simple, Q active users of about two times that of WeChat and WeChat, the development of its differences, together constitute the two major Tencent in the core of the mobile terminal entrance. But the new things are more likely to be concerned, so the hands of Q in the past, although very large and do a lot of things, but not like WeChat was held up.

when it comes to social media, we can chat, forum, blog, is not Post Bar, and recently we are playing in the micro-blog, WeChat, QQ space, and when it comes to social marketing, to reflect the first estimate of Post Bar, the forum is to post, delete posts, and is also on micro-blog, WeChat the number of fans, the amount of reading.

although the expression is a bit superficial, but it does illustrate a marketing phenomenon. Social media began to slowly be broken by us, and gradually, it will evolve into a naked advertising and public relations channels.

yes, micro-blog away from fans after the introduction of a new information flow advertising products, brand express". Brand express the principle is through the target users see advertising content and interact with, the relevant micro-blog will continue to show to the attention of the user’s fans to help advertisers more comprehensive variety of interactive communication with consumers. Sina is said to have set up a company in Hangzhou, micro-blog, a company to operate".

and WeChat has taken an important step in the commercialization, in January this year, began to test the flow of information in the circle of friends. And in July, QQ open platform also started inside, is expected in August QQ public line.


micro-blog, WeChat, QQ space, there has been the so-called success stories show, as soon as the upcoming QQ public number, marketing will be broken?

personal forecast:

1, there will be a large number of individuals and businesses begin to registered public number QQ, the so-called domain name "missed the electronic commerce, can not miss the mobile Internet; miss WeChat must not miss QQ public number, registered will be more fierce;

2, enterprise QQ number will have the advantage, enterprise QQ number as an effective part of the Tencent advertising business, the process of commercialization will certainly have to think, to meet the advertisers;

3, personal authentication will be more open in the early stage, WeChat, micro-blog has certified information will also be used as a reference for certification, enterprise certification part of the estimated enterprise QQ number can directly through certification;

4, >

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