Discussion on domain name registration of Xie Yalong class

Affirmative say:

"domain name is not illegal"

"xieyalongxiake" is from our customer Chinese million net registration, the registration time is August 25th, but the Chinese "Xie Yalong school" has not been registered.

users can register personalized domain name, such as I love a certain class of domain names can be

specific content shall be determined by the relevant departments of the network supervision department for review, for privacy and sensitive information, it is difficult to pass. However, we have not received any complaints about the domain name, we believe that the domain name can be registered.

because Pinyin domain name does not clearly point, Xie Yalong class Chinese domain name has not been registered, the reason lies in this. If you register "Xie Yalong class" in Chinese, may be considered infringement of the right of name, and pinyin can be successfully registered. – domain name registration service provider

said the

is a satire on Xie Yalong

is currently in China’s domain name application, although there are corresponding regulations, but not very figurative. The application of the domain name of the audit agency is to see whether the illegal.

and "xieyalongxiake" the domain name does not touch any law on the surface, but the problem is that the suffix "Xiake" two words with obvious irony, offensive and directivity.

plus China football situation is not ideal, "Xie Yalong school" is increasing the incident has become a concern to the public, so that the domain name for Xie Yalong herself has been a satire or insult, it is immoral. Do not say that Xie Yalong did not commit a crime, even if it is a criminal who has human rights, it is not free to insult irony.

in accordance with the civil law, the legal norms is not clear, all related to improper behavior moral, is contrary to the China good customs, is prohibited, not allowed, so the domain name should not be registered. Liu Deliang, Professor, University of Posts and telecommunications,

www.58seo.cn just stand in the middle finger position to look at this issue

site here is more technical operations, the content does not know, as long as you can not touch the law.

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