Webmasters rely on psoriasis to promote the site

Yesterday afternoon,

home broadband telecommunications broke down, hit 10000 to reflect the situation, the customer service said that the next morning would arrange engineers to come to solve, I said it was only three in the afternoon, not far from time to work, how to check tomorrow? How do I do this day? You are not China Telecom "the world at your fingertips"


angry return anger, something has to go online. So I went downstairs to the Internet cafes. N has not been to the Internet cafes, in fact, there are many benefits of Internet cafes, Internet cafes are very lively, not as quiet as home, in addition to see the United States, the hot summer, the girls wear less.

on the Internet because of the urgency, went to the bathroom, in this small room, I was very surprised to find out that people with psoriasis advertising stick way to promote the site! In a conspicuous position above the toilet flushing tank, with a 10 cm square self-adhesive paper, printed above the URL of a website www.023xinxi.com this site, and introduces the business. Basically the people on the toilet, you can see the first ad paper. The advertising design brief, basically gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory. The only problem is that the domain name is not ideal.

I read carefully the ads, like the printer, but offset, I’ve done printing, printing and printing are starting up volume, such as adhesive paper, basically up more than 5000 copies in. God, 5000 ad, how to put the toilet? Enough he tired, really hard ah webmaster webmaster.

in order to live up to the head of the labor, I decided to give him a dedicated IP, input the advertisement on the web site, go after the first point to help him in an ad, everybody is the webmaster, is not easy, support each other about it, ha ha. I found this site is a second-hand transaction based classification information website, the site a little characteristics, a look at the first and found a lot of places worth learning, but the lack of popularity is too general.

but I believe, with the webmaster of this "psoriasis" spirit, his popularity will be prosperous, his website will be successful!


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