The 2008 Spring Festival promotion opportunities you can catch up with you Qiushi

              has been the webmaster network audience, today when adding content to the site, found the Spring Festival Promotion earn GG advertising opportunities, do not know that you are not doing, not doing fast to keep up with friends, see people sitting on the fast Qiushi the first place.

                add the QQ space station Festival content inadvertently, in search of 2008 cards, 2008 cards pay New Year’s call, a site greets, see consulting is actually called the circle everyone Qiushi, my domain name is not made. Want to see the new year cards look to search 2008. (

              from his site, you can see two opportunities:

              1, is a traditional business combination model.

                to optimize the site SEO ranking to the best, when the enterprise search keywords, cooperation. The contents of his position is in the post office, post cards, greeting cards and spring festival custom card types, pay New Year’s call production and sales, get some profits from it into.

              2, is the direct advertising, click into.

                we find the site can see his face, above only put a navigation GG advertising, because he is the optimization of greeting card and purchase, certainly not some Internet master, so in the above only put a navigation looking for something at the content, did not see what you are looking for, do you think he will click on the navigation advertising.

              read the above content, I do not know what you have learned, I hope to be able to do stand friends to bring some help.

              advertisement in essence, not much.


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