GoPro announced the recall of Karma UAV flight may suddenly lose power

Beijing time on November 9th morning news, U.S. sports camera manufacturer GoPro today announced the sale of recall since October 23rd about 2500 sets of Karma uav.

GoPro found that a small amount of Karma will lose power during operation. But it has not caused any personal injury or property damage.

Karma UAV users can return their own equipment to the GoPro, you can return to the business, so as to get a full refund. But GoPro will not replace the device for the user. GoPro is also ready to re sell Karma after solving the problem.

security is a top priority." GoPro founder and CEO Nicholas (Nicholas Woodman) said, "only a small number of Karma users in the process of running the device encountered this situation in the case of ·. We have been in the course of the investigation quickly recalled all Karma UAVs, and provide a full refund. We are also working closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the U.S. Federal Aviation administration. For the inconvenience caused to consumers, we are deeply sorry, and will take all measures to simplify the return and refund procedures."

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