How to promote the source station in the end

source station how to ask where


now what Chinese station like those famous and even crack and commercial source to put out, so the station can only provide the common everywhere on the Internet download available source code is what meaning, each station resources are all the same. Why such a station to provide such a large flow of resources it? In a word, the station to do early! Such a station is now only for beginners to download some of the common source.

source station do not have to do promotion, if you go out to do a source station to try, you know that the promotion can not play any role, unless you put the money to lose, it is estimated that there are some effects. If the person in the source station that tired, I also have a source station 168 source station in http://s.www.wjinter.com06 on August, the original was first day post propaganda, engage in the flow of traffic can not go, or rely on Baidu, and then a period of time without management flow down. Now a good management of nearly two months, and insist on updating every day (in addition to power) or a sex, flow or not go up. I have a few problems are very depressed

1. My updated resources must be updated every day.

2. My website interface is relatively simple, clear, a look very comfortable.

3. I download the address clear, not misleading, the user can click directly to download.

4. Download speed is also fast.

5. I updated program will go to post propaganda, money flow.

on the above points I feel my station to do is very good, why not go on the flow? I really can not explain this situation. Now the mood is simply chilling.

also do the same in the source station owners must be very depressed, in the end how the most effective publicity and promotion of the source station?

really want to write an article to promote the source of the station to come out with us.

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