How to make your site stand out from many sites

stand out from countless sites how to make the site stand out when people visit your site, they will immediately subconsciously judge: this site? Is it worth it? Whether the value of him into my bookmark, you know, in the virtual world of network information, the Internet provides the world Datong opportunity, also let the virtual world with countless commercial sites, garbage sites, most sites lack of soul, main purpose, East West a hammer stick, loose and confusion, reason is the lack of planning and design. So if you want to make your website from countless sites on the site must be talent shows itself, make overall arrangements, planning, for all the content of the fine discretion, put all thoughts organized perfectly logical and reasonable to design a reasonable page style. Here we will discuss the specific site planning design.

first, determine the marketing objectives of the site


2, how big is your website?


site is not blind to do as much, but according to the current capacity of its own, and the size of the enterprise, make sure your site is small, medium and large scale website, or from the beginning, and then gradually develop. This is mainly related to the site of the late maintenance and website development direction to consider.

3, determine the type of site, you want to have a website design features

according to the characteristics of theme, form and enterprise itself, the design of the website also have different categories, can be roughly divided into: content based design, supplemented by, pay attention to the speed of the large professional website, it is generally reflected in the professional ICP, ISP supplier production site, in the design of this kind of website is not too loud should pay attention to the amount of information, second; most of the enterprises in order to better promote their products, expand the market, make their products to the world, to improve their corporate image and making the website, this website should be combined with the product characteristics and production characteristics of its website, relatively focus on product marketing; the third is the image class website, this website generally reflected in the police department, as a foreign window, this website design is relatively serious; the fourth is a People’s home page, this site is relatively free, free from any constraints, can be based on each person’s own expertise free play. Therefore, we make a clear orientation in the home page, to design their own site.

4, who is your main target audience?

according to the different categories of the site, the target audience is not the same, there are business people, professionals, students;

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