Front Philippine composite behind how to detonate the internet entertainment hot

Internet bubble is increasingly enlarged, the entertainment was surprised again and again, in the entertainment circle behind, appeared the dissemination of information and network has brought new development opportunity for pet phrase to the entire Internet industry, popular network to and cherish to today’s "Feng Fei taste" from Zhen Huan body first, Internet hot words and more has become an important force in promoting the development of the Internet, between this consumer groups has become an effective driving force for the development of the Internet, entertainment earthquake has spread to the Internet development, the entertainment headlines pocketed the eye to get a good marketing development has become an important part of the development of the Internet more and more enterprises.

entertainment iteration effect

for the development of the society, the Internet is always represents the pet phrase entertainment industry development trend, the increasing popularity of the Internet era, more and more "atmosphere" consumption has become the development of business marketing gimmick, this year the entertainment event, Ke Zhendong drug merchants brought jumpsuits with money "and celebrating Faye Wong Nicholas Tse has launched a" composite business catering entertainment composite package ", a series of actions with the spread of the Internet has become an important factor affecting business development," iterative effect "value is not the only hot nowadays, network marketing pet phrase has become an important part of normal development, from the" grass root "handsome" to "consumer groups, and buy and treasure" and "is pretty fight" marketing slogan, entertainment with iterative effect Is a ubiquitous marketing development of new models.

unique social media from the taste

today, with the rise of mobile Internet, mobile social networking has become a social platform in the mobile social platform, the public, and the star of micro-blog has become an important platform for fans gathering and publishing information, use convenient information WeChat micro-blog, since the media society has not only become an important platform for the promotion of celebrity endorsements, become more with entertainment marketing and fan flow, "Feng Fei taste" is just a simple microcosm, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that Chinese currently has 500 million smartphone users, mobile phone traffic annual consumption of up to 2 billion -30 billion G, using a wide range of data flow support from the media, full of charm, also with development, become an important growth means of Internet consumption.

hot spots behind the ecological system

entertainment is always the important field of explosion of hot spots, the entertainment does not lack is the headlines, and driven by the internet entertainment economy is definitely not a simple hot star entertainment marketing, with its inherent fans and the influence of the Internet has become the headlines of electric marketing taking the next target, the effective use of products effective marketing gimmick to attract fans, set off a storm on the Internet mobile social network, behind the entire entertainment is a hot spot of the whole Internet marketing ecological construction, people’s attention to the online bring effective flow, using practical marketing will be more traffic into effect.

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